Leicester Travel Clinic


Your Comprehensive Travel Clinic in Leicester

Here at Leicester Travel Clinic, operated by The Local Pharmacy, we are dedicated to making high-quality healthcare accessible to all. That is why we are a group of pharmacies, offering a variety of innovative services to suit the needs of communities throughout Leicester and Nuneaton.


A Wide Range of Expert Services

We provide a range of private and NHS services with you in mind. Our pharmacies are well-equipped with specially-designed consultation rooms to encourage a comfortable, confidential environment. Our private services are competitively priced, and most are available at short notice. We stock a range of over-the-counter medicines, as well as pharmacy-only medicines. You can find out more about our comprehensive range of services below.

In addition to providing pre-travel consultations and vaccinations, our popular travel clinic in Leicester offers post-travel consultations for individuals who have returned from their trips. These consultations are designed to help identify any health issues that may have arisen during the trip and to provide advice on managing any symptoms or conditions.

We are an excellent resource for individuals planning to travel abroad. The clinic’s team of healthcare professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in travel health, and they provide a comprehensive range of services to help ensure that travellers stay healthy and safe during their trips.


We are YOUR  Local Travel Clinic & Pharmacy

Ultimately, we are not just Leicester Travel Clinics, we are your local pharmacy. Find your local branch on the current website, or understand what we offer individually on The Local Pharmacy site; feel free to contact or visit our professional, dedicated pharmacy team. We are here for you, whenever you need us.


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