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A Vaccination Is The Best Protection Against Tick-Borne Encephalitis

Get Tick-borne Vaccine in Leicester Before hiking

TBE, or tick-borne encephalitis, is a central nervous system viral infection prevalent in most of Europe and Asia. Infected ticks, common in wooded areas, are responsible for spreading the virus. If you have travel plans to infection-prone sites, getting a tick-borne encephalitis vaccination is the most effective way to avoid the illness. Continue reading to know the prevention of the infection in Leicester. 

Do I need a tick-borne encephalitis vaccine in Leicester? 

Tick-borne encephalitis is spread by the bite of an infected tick, and up to one-third may suffer from the long-term complications of the infection.

Currently, there is no availability of effective antiviral treatment for TBE.

If you are planning to engage in activities like camping or hiking in a place where the infection is common, this puts you at a higher risk of acquiring tick bites and thus contracting the virus. 

It is recommended for travellers to use insect repellents and wear protective gear to minimise the likelihood of contracting TBE from a tick bite.

However, the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine can make the adventure more thrilling without getting infected. 

Which countries do I need the TBE vaccination for?

Not all ticks spread TBE. However, it is advised to check whether the countries you’re visiting are high-risk or not.

TBE is most prevalent in:

  • Parts of Europe
  • Parts of Japan and China
  • Russia

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How to identify the symptoms of the TBE?

A tick bite often appears as a circular red rash on the site of the bite.

TBE most often manifests its symptoms as a two-phased illness. 

The initial stage:

This phase lasts up to 7 to 8 days. You may experience symptoms like high temperature, extreme exhaustion, headache, muscle pain, and nausea.

Some individuals remain asymptomatic at this stage. 

The second stage:

TBE affects the nervous system in this phase, causing meningitis (fever, headache, and stiff neck) or encephalitis (drowsiness, confusion, and sensory disturbance).

The severity of the illness depends upon the patient’s immunity and age.

If you’re TBE vaccinated and get the tick bite, the chances of infection are low to rare.

How much does the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine cost in Leicester?

The cost per injection of the TBE vaccination is approximately £65. The immunisation course involves 3 shots.

The transmission of tick-borne encephalitis mainly occurs during the tick season, which begins in late spring and continues through the beginning of October.

For this cause, if you have hiking or camping plans during this season to disease-risk areas, be sure to take all the safety precautions.

Adding to that, getting vaccinated is strongly advised in order to avoid any possible consequences.

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How many TBE vaccines do you need?

You will need to have two TBE vaccine injections in order to be protected for approximately one year.  

A third injection will extend the duration to almost three years. 

It is recommended that the first injection should be given at least one month before the scheduled departure date.

The protection conferred by the TBE vaccine typically lasts between three and five years.

A booster shot is suggested if you’re staying longer in disease-endemic areas. 

Is there a vaccine for encephalitis in Leicester? 

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or any other source. 

In Leicester, a live tick-borne encephalitis vaccination course is available. It is a highly safe and effective way of protection against TBE.  

Get TBE vaccine in Leicester before travelling

How do I get a TBE vaccine?

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) can manifest as a mild sickness similar to the flu or progress to more severe manifestations, including meningitis or inflammation of the brain.

One of these symptoms is a warning indication that an infection may develop in your body.

Getting a consultation from a travel clinic before your departure is strongly recommended. 

To schedule a TBE vaccine in Leicester, contact Leicester Travel Clinic now.

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