Tick-borne Encephalitis Vaccine

Get your Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton and stay safe as you travel.

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is an infection brought about by ticks through bites. Ticks that spread the infection are commonly found in some areas of Asia and Europe.

Even though the risk of getting TBE is low, it’s important to check if the country you are travelling to is a risk area. These areas include:

  • Parts of Europe
  • Parts of Japan and China
  • Russia

Ticks breed well in grassy and forests areas. Engaging in activities such as camping or hiking can increase the risk of you getting the infection.

Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine

We highly recommend that you get the TBE vaccination if you plan to visit a country where TBE is widespread.

You need two vaccine injections to safeguard yourself for about one year. A 3rd injection will increase the time to about three years.

The first injection should be administered at least one month prior to your travel date.

How do you avoid tick bites?

Once you get to your country of destination, always try as much as possible to avoid tick bites.

Do the following to minimise the chances of getting a tick bite:

  • Always ensure that you cover your skin while walking outdoors
  • Apply insect repellent on your skin or use it on your clothes
  • Use paths whenever possible
  • Wear clothing that is light-coloured so that you can spot the tick quickly and be able to brush it off


Contact a health officer if:

You’ve had a tick bite or travelled to an area where ticks are prevalent in the past month and you experience either:

  • Symptoms related to flu – including headaches, feeling sick, feeling hot and shivery, and muscle aches.
  • a red rash that’s circular

Getting one of these is a signal that you may be developing an infection.

Contact Leicester Travel Clinic for more information and to get your Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton.