Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Protect yourself with the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton as you travel.

Japanese encephalitis is basically a viral infection that mainly affects the brain. You can get it through mosquito bites. The infection is widespread in rural Pacific islands, Southeast Asia, and the Far East. Nevertheless, it’s not common among travellers.

The infection is brought about by a flavivirus – affecting both animals as well as human beings. It can then be passed from animals to human beings by infected mosquitoes.

What are the symptoms of Japanese encephalitis?

It’s not common for the Japanese encephalitis symptoms to show. But if they do, they are mostly mistaken for flu. The symptoms include seizures (fits), high temperature (fever), inability to speak, confusion, body tremor, paralysis or muscle weakness, and a stiff neck.

How do you prevent Japanese encephalitis when travelling?

Vaccinating against Japanese encephalitis is the best prevention method. You should do this prior to travelling to high-risk areas.

You’ll be at a higher risk if you plan to travel to rural areas, camp, or go hiking. The vaccine is normally available on a private basis.

The high-risk countries

Japanese encephalitis is commonly found across Asia and beyond.
Most cases are prevalent in:

  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka


Japanese encephalitis vaccination

It’s important to get your vaccination if you’re:

  • Planning to stay for long in high-risk regions
  • Travelling to a high-risk country during the rainy season or in tropical climate areas where there’s a year-round risk
  • Going to rural regions in a high-risk country. This can be in marshlands or rice fields
  • Engaging in activities like cycling or camping that increase the risk of infection during your stay in a high-risk country
  • Working in areas that potentially expose you to the virus such as a laboratory

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