Yellow Fever Vaccine

Are you planning to travel abroad? Stay safe with the yellow fever vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton.

Yellow fever is a viral infection that’s preventable through vaccination. The infection is primarily spread by particular species of mosquitoes that bite during the day. The virus can cause disease with symptoms such as yellowing of the skin (jaundice), bleeding, and serious damage to your major organs. It’s critical to make sure that you protect yourself against yellow fever as you travel. That’s why Leicester Travel Clinic in Leicester and Nuneaton provides the yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccine

The yellow fever vaccine is mostly recommended to anyone who plans to travel to a region where yellow fever is prevalent. These regions include Sub-Saharan Africa, Central, and South America, and Trinidad in the Caribbean. There are other countries that also require a yellow fever vaccine certificate before entry to prove you’ve had the vaccination against the virus.

It’s advisable to get the vaccine at least ten days prior to your travelling date. It will give the vaccine ample time to be effective. If your child or you have had the MMR vaccine, you should wait for at least four weeks to get the yellow fever vaccine.

Nevertheless, if it’s not possible to wait for 4 weeks, you can go ahead and have the yellow fever vaccine. But you’ll need an additional dose of the MMR vaccine later on. You can as well get another dose of the yellow fever vaccine on an individual level if you are at ongoing risk of getting yellow fever.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

Some countries need travellers to have a certificate that shows they’ve had the vaccination before they enter the country. This is referred to as an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP). All vaccination certificates have lifetime validity, inclusive of the older ones with expiring dates. We will provide you with a certificate once we give you the vaccination at Leicester Travel Clinic.

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