Hepatitis B Vaccine

Get your Hepatitis B vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton as you travel across the world.

Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver that comes as a result of the hepatitis B virus. You can easily prevent it by having a vaccination. Consider getting the hepatitis B vaccine in Leicester and Nuneaton before you travel abroad this season.

The virus that causes the hepatitis B infection is typically found in bodily fluids. These fluids include the blood of a person who has the infection.

Hepatitis B vaccine is routinely accessible as part of the NHS vaccination schedule. It’s also provided to those who are at a higher risk of acquiring the infection or its complications (liver cirrhosis, liver cancer).

How is hepatitis B spread?

There are various ways Hepatitis B can be spread, including:

  • From a mother to her newborn baby, especially in the areas where the infection is widespread
  • Drug injection and needle sharing
  • Engaging in unprotected sex with the infected person
  • Using unsterilised equipment for body piercing, having a tattoo, and medical or dental treatment
  • Transfusing blood in regions where hepatitis B blood testing isn’t available
  • Sharing razors and toothbrushes that are contaminated with the infected blood
  • An open wound or scratch exposure to contaminated blood

You cannot spread hepatitis B by sharing crockery and utensils, kissing, sneezing, holding hands, coughing, or hugging.

High-risk areas

Even though you can find Hepatitis B around the globe, it’s most common in:

  • The Indian subcontinent
  • The Pacific Islands
  • Parts of South America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • East and Southeast Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Southern parts of eastern and central Europe

Most cases of hepatitis B reported in the UK are from people who acquired the infection in widespread areas prior to moving to the United Kingdom.

Below is a list of people who should get the vaccination against hepatitis B:

It’s important that all babies get the vaccination against hepatitis B infection for protection.

  • If you or your partner injects drugs
  • Those who change sexual partners regularly
  • Men who engage in sex with men
  • Babies born to mothers with the infection
  • Sexual partners or close family members of an infected person
  • Those who regularly do blood transfusions
  • People with various forms of chronic kidney or liver disease
  • Travellers going to high-risk countries
  • Female and male sex workers
  • Those whose work exposes them to body fluids or blood
  • Prisoners
  • People who adopt or foster children from countries where hepatitis B is widespread

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